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Comprehensive curriculum coverage

Crafted for Scotland's curriculum

Data-informed insights

Comprehensive curriculum coverage

Our 42 complete courses cover a wide range of subjects at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher, including English, Mathematics, Modern Languages, ESOL, Computing Science, Sciences, Business Management, Geography, Music and more.

Our courses contain a rich variety of content, including animated and annotated explanations, interactive activities and formative assessments with instant feedback.

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Crafted for Scotland's curriculum

Scholar is a recognised and well-established innovator in the field of high-quality online education for Scotland and beyond.

SQA alignment
All of our courses have been specifically designed to align with the skills, knowledge and understanding outlined in the SQA course specifications.
Written by Scotland's teachers
Our content is written by educators from Scottish schools and colleges and draws on their subject-specific pedagogical experience and expertise.
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Data-driven insights

Our detailed reporting gives teachers real-time insights into learner progress, helping them to identify areas for improvement and maximise learning potential. Learners can monitor their outcomes in online tests, empowering them to take ownership of their learning.

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Scholar's Edge

We combine proven expertise with innovative tools to empower learners and teachers, making Scholar the leading choice for online learning.


Crafted for Scotland's curriculum in collaboration with experienced educators, complementing the values and practices of Scotland's schools.


Over 42 courses at N5, Higher and AH levels covering a wide range of subject areas, with complete and comprehensive course content.


Expertly designed to captivate learners with a wide array of interactive and engaging content, comprising over 10,000 activities and assessments.


Detailed reporting provides a comprehensive breakdown of progress and assessment outcomes, informing decisions about next steps in learning.

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42 SQA-aligned courses, across 21 subjects, at N5, Higher and AH

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