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Our unique expertise

We marry the best of education and technology to create an exceptional learning experience. Our content is crafted with practising subject-specialist teachers, ensuring its relevance and depth. Content developers design our engaging and interactive courses, while our software developers deliver a seamless, user-friendly and accessible platform. But we don’t stop there. Our experienced teachers and knowledgeable support team ensure the complete experience is smooth and impactful.

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A trusted provider of digital learning

We collaborate with key stakeholders in the education sector to achieve our common goal of delivering the highest quality learning experiences for learners.

An initiative of Heriot-Watt University
Pioneering in education, with Heriot-Watt University, since 1999.
Partnership with ADES
Operating in partnership with the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland.
Consultation network
Including representatives from Education Scotland, Scottish Council of Independent Schools (SCIS), School Leaders Scotland (SLS) and Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).
Key partner of NeLO
A significant contributor to Scotland's National e-Learning Offer.
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The team

Scholar is a team of dedicated colleagues who are all passionate about access to high-quality education and its power to transform lives.
Scholar team


Our highly responsive account support staff are the first point of contact for enquiries. Providing direct support and information to all our users, they work hard to assist with user account queries and registration requests.


Our content developers are experts in online learning design and interactive content creation. They work closely with our subject specialists, teacher authors and reviewers in transforming pedagogical expertise into engaging digital content.


Comprising experienced and practising secondary teachers, they are Scholar's most passionate promoters! The team use their classroom knowledge to guide teachers and learners in making the most impactful use of Scholar. They always work closely with our users to ensure that Scholar stays up-to-date with the latest theory, policies, and practice.


Our software developers are the technical masterminds behind the Scholar learning platform. They optimise our learning platform and reporting system, deliver a seamless and secure registration process and ensure a user-friendly and accessible interface.

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