Technical Requirements

Browser specification

Our support strategy involves fixing any reported problems and actively testing developments to our system within the browser versions specified in the table below:

Browser Supported Versions
Internet Explorer 11 (support for Internet Explorer will finish in August 2021)
Edge Latest Stable
Firefox Latest Stable
Google Chrome Latest Stable
Safari Latest Stable

Browsers should also be set to:

  • Accept cookies. Cookies are used to login and save personal settings for features within SCHOLAR.
  • Enable JavaScript. JavaScript is used throughout SCHOLAR to provide a richer experience for the user including generating pop-up windows.
  • Allow pop-ups.

Plug-in specification

The plug-ins required to view all the content within SCHOLAR are listed below. We will only be supporting versions of the plug-ins that are supported by the vendor itself. It is therefore advised you download the latest version from the vendor sites and keep yourself updated:

Plug-in Download
PDF Reader