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Teacher Resources

A warm welcome to our Teacher Resources section. If you're new to SCHOLAR or looking at ways to incorporate SCHOLAR into your learning and teaching you'll find a range of useful resources to assist you.

Getting Started

What is SCHOLAR? SCHOLAR publish full, SQA aligned, online learning courses for Scottish schools. Our portfolio includes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), Business and Modern Language subjects at National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher level. The courses contain a rich mix of interactive activities and formative assessments. In addition, there is also an advanced reporting system allowing teachers to see, at a glance, how their class is progressing.

If you're new to SCHOLAR, the best way to explore what's available is to login. Every school has a SCHOLAR coordinator. The coordinator will let you know what your userid and password is. If you don't know who your coordinator is get in touch and we'll let you know.

We have a series of 24 short, bite-sized video clips to guide you through the basics of using SCHOLAR. You can use the PLAYLIST on the YouTube video player to jump to the areas you're interested in.



SCHOLAR Quick Start Guide screenshot

We also have a SCHOLAR QUICK START GUIDE for students which you may find helpful. The guide is in pdf format. Right-click to save.


Lesson Outlines

We have a produced a number of learning outlines for you to use in conjuction with your teaching. These are short, focused subject ideas to use with SCHOLAR. They're not intended to be prescriptive, rather as a way to spark your own ideas of how to integrate SCHOLAR within your teaching.

The learning outline have been written by our current CfE content authors - all experienced teachers.

This is currently a pilot project and we'd love to know what you think about the lesson outlines. Have you found them useful? Have they encouraged you to think about how you can use SCHOLAR with your own classes? Would you like to see more? If you've got a spare minute or two we'd be grateful for your valuable feedback.

If you feel inspired and would like to share your own SCHOLAR lesson outlines we'd love to receive them. Here is our lesson outline proforma in pdf format.




  Mandarin Lesson Outlines (National 5)
LO1 Getting Started
LO2 Vocabulary
LO3 Key Structures
LO4 Listening
LO5 Speaking
LO6 Reading
LO7 Writing
All All LOs - in a zipped file


An introduction to SCHOLAR's Interactive Activities

Interactivity is an important component of SCHOLAR and sets it apart from other comparable material. Interactive activities are included at regular intervals throughout the course material. This video guides you through the different types of activities used in SCHOLAR and discussses the benefits and uses of interactive material.



Using the Reporting System to track student progress

Are you short of time? Did you know SCHOLAR has a reporting system for staff and students? If you are a teacher the SCHOLAR reporting system offers a highly customiseable, flexible tool to track your students progress.

At a glance, you can identify students that are struggling with assessments or perhaps the majority of your class are struggling to answer a particular question in one of the assessments, then it helps you to quickly identify potential problem areas that you can redress in class. This video guides you through key process to get the most from the reporting system.



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