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Upcoming Sessions

All students and teachers are welcome to attend these Live Online Sessions which are interactive events hosted by subject specialists who have extensive teaching experience.

Each session lasts up to an hour in total, including time for questions and answers towards the end.

Next Live Online Session:

[Please come back later, we hope to add more Live Online Sessions in the future.]

Please see the Previous Sessions page for more information about Live Online Sessions that have been recorded previously.

How to Join

Follow the session link in the relevant table up to 30 minutes before the published start time. Enter the session as a guest using your forename or an appropriate nickname. All sessions are recorded for use on the SCHOLAR site so please do not share any personal information. Please note that the online session capacity is limited so join early to avoid disappointment!

Most web browsers support Adobe Connect using Adobe Flash Player 13.0+. Android and iOS apps are available on compatible devices although these may limit participation within sessions. Headphones or speakers are required to hear the presenter. Please make sure to test your device in advance of the beginning of each session by using the Audio Setup Wizard...

Technical Specifications

Full technical specifications for Adobe Connect are available at Please note that some browsers will request the installation of the Adobe Connect launcher application, although it may be possible to connect to the session directly within your web browser using the link

If any problems are experienced while connecting to the Adobe Connect session, follow the 'troubleshooting page' link in the message that appears after following the SCHOLAR session link; this should fix the problem and establish a connection. If the 'troubleshooting page' link is not available or does not fix the problem, try uninstalling the Adobe Connect launcher application from your device (if applicable) before attempting to join the session again and reinstalling the application, if required, or try using the 'launcher=false' link.