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Live Online Sessions 04-08 Dec 2017


 SCHOLAR’s popular Live Online Sessions for this week!

SCHOLAR’s online homework sessions for the week beginning 4th Dec 2017 are:
Monday 04 Dec
6:00 pm
Higher Modern Languages: Reading and directed writing
Tuesday 05 Dec
6:00 pm
Higher English: Reading for understanding, analysis and evaluation
Wednesday 06 Dec
6:00 pm
Advanced Higher Biology: Sex and Behaviour
Thursday 07 Dec
6:00 pm
National 5 Maths: Solving equations, inequations and simultaneous equations

To join a Live Online Session, simply follow the session link from the SCHOLAR website up to 30 minutes before the published start time. Enter the session as a guest using just your forename.

All sessions are recorded and archived so please don’t share any personal information. If you have missed a recent session they are available in the course Resources of the SCHOLAR learning materials online or here:

These sessions are delivered using Adobe Connect software, which is available for free. All modern web browsers support Adobe Connect via Adobe Flash Player 13.0 (or higher), while Android and iOS apps are available to install on compatible mobile devices. Audio speakers or headphones are required to listen to the presenter. Please make sure to set up your device in advance of a session. For the full technical specifications see:

Regular updates on Twitter: @SCHOLARuk and Facebook: SCHOLARprogramme

Check out the programme for all of the SCHOLAR online homework sessions here: