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SCHOLAR release Special Character Bar software

SCHOLAR has released the Special Character Bar to replace the Accent Bar and includes new languages and features.

To coincide with the launch of the Mandarin and Gaelic subjects, SCHOLAR has released a new software application; the Special Character Bar. Initially designed to be called "Accent Bar version 2" we decided to rebrand the application to better reflect its usage.

Rebuilt from the ground up, it incorporates more relevant characters and features. By building on top of the NetBeans Platform it includes new features like Auto update, Customisable settings and Copy to Clipboard.

Another notable change includes improved usability, by providing Help Files and bigger buttons. Convenience has also been enhanced by only using one application window instead of multiple windows for each language - a technique used by the original Accent Bar. Finally by making use of Java 6 it has allowed for better use of the system tray, hiding it from sight when not in use.

Despite all these changes users of the original Accent Bar should still be familiar with the core functionality allowing you to place characters - not available on your keyboard - into your browser.

Since this is a major launch we have decided to release a Public Beta version to allow time to receive any feedback from the SCHOLAR Community before we provide an official release.

Therefore we invite home users and teachers to give it a try and provide any feedback via the "Contact Us" page. Just direct the message via the "Feedback" category followed by the "Special Character Bar" subcategory.

To download the Special Character Bar simply log into SCHOLAR and click on "Special Character Bar" in the left hand menu under "Resources". There you can choose from the Mac OS X or Windows version. As mentioned above this application requires Java 6 or higher. It is advised that you ensure you have the latest version of Java installed by going to: