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Executive Chair

The SCHOLAR programme is one of Scotland’s most successful teaching and learning initiatives.

The strength of SCHOLAR has been the underpinning ethos of partnership with all sectors of Scottish education and the willingness to innovate and anticipate the needs of the learners. Perhaps the telling feature is that there is no longer the need to use the word ‘e-learning’ and simply use ‘learning’ instead.  The pervasive nature of technology influences our society and not least in education. But still at the heart of education are the teachers. The web materials are designed to permeate to all aspects of teaching, learning and assessment. The successful and effective teacher will bring to bear all the techniques at their disposal including educational technology to equip students with 21st century skills so vital for the well-being of Scotland’s economy.

I have been proud to be associated with SCHOLAR since its beginning. With portfolios of subjects in maths and the sciences, business subjects and languages Scotland is in a unique position, leading the world in making available to our young people the learning resources to achieve the best they can.

SCHOLAR can confidently look towards the future and build on its achievements within the Curriculum for Excellence.








Professor Phillip John
Executive Chair, SCHOLAR Forum