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The SCHOLAR Approach

SCHOLAR’s approach is focussed on independent learning and formative assessment with an emphasis on providing students with repeated practice and immediate feedback.

The main purposes of the learning materials and assessments are to:

  • enhance the student learning experience by providing a space of learning approaches;
  • allow students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding;
  • motivate students by providing an opportunity to review and consolidate what they have learned;
  • inform students about their strengths and weaknesses so that they can improve their performance.

The structure of a typical SCHOLAR course is made up of Units consisting of self-contained topics, which cover particular areas of the curriculum. By means of collaboration with subject authors and specialists, the development team creates effective e-learning content to support individual and classroom learning. As a student progresses through a topic they will be provided with theory, interactive exercises and tests. Stimulating visual materials are developed in the form of static illustrations, dynamic interactivities and simulations, and videos.  Audio resources have also been integrated into some courses to help provide a diverse range of media suitable for all types of learner.

These components are then followed by an end of topic test where the learning objectives are covered. This enables students to receive feedback on their individual progress and reflect on their understanding of the subject matter. End of unit tests are also included and provide students with the opportunity to practice for their upcoming summative assessments.

For teachers, we provide detailed feedback on their students’ results for the end of topic and end of unit tests. This allows teachers to identify strengths and weaknesses which can help to support the teaching and learning process.

The SCHOLAR development team draw on vast experience and skill sets from varied backgrounds and aims to be at the forefront of e-learning.

Daniel Pacey

Educational Developer

Graeme Kidd

Software Developer

Lauren Guazzelli

Educational Development Manager

Neil Miller

Database Developer

Oormi Khaled

Educational Development Manager

Peter Shaw

Software Developer

Sarah Hirstwood

Educational Developer

Sarah Joss

Assessment Developer

Stuart Simpson

Software Developer

Susen Rabold

Educational Developer