Online courses for schools across Scotland



The registration is done automatically through SEEMIS schools. More detailed information is found below.


SCHOLAR welcome (PDF)
Actions required for the registration of students and staff.

SCHOLAR subject codes (PDF)
Codes for all National 5, Higher, and Advanced Higher subjects.

SCHOLAR data specification (PDF)
Data required from Scottish schools for enrolling students on SCHOLAR courses.

SEEMIS Schools

A guide for Scottish schools using frequently asked questions about registering staff and students for SCHOLAR.

Teacher access to SCHOLAR

Teachers will be provided with access to course content for all levels (Higher/Advanced Higher etc.) in their relevant subject area. However, teachers will only have full access (content material, reporting, progress and student enrollment) to courses which they specifically teach.

Student access to SCHOLAR

Students will be provided with access to supporting course content at the level below their enrolled course. Advanced Higher students will be provided with access to the Higher in that subject, and Higher students will have access to the National 5 subject where available. Currently only English, Mathematics and Mandarin are available at the National 5 level.