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Forum Partners

Heriot-Watt University is a world leader in creating a supportive e-learning environment that helps students to learn at the times and in the manner they choose.  Drawing on its special expertise in interactive and distance learning, SCHOLAR materials have been specially written by subject specialists from schools, colleges and the university.  They bring together the best of innovative learning with tried and tested educational approaches.

Heriot-Watt University has an internationally renowned expertise in distance learning and computer enhanced 21st century learning.  With pioneering work in maths, science, engineering, management, languages, design and textiles, we educate the industrialists, professionals and thinkers of tomorrow. Providing students with up-to-date knowledge and skills that prepare them for successful and rewarding careers is at the core of our mission, and is the reason our graduates are in such demand.

The SCHOLAR Forum is a legal not-for-profit partnership between the University and ADES, the Association of Directors of Education in Scotland, with the Education Authorities as members paying an annual subscription.  Key stakeholders, including Education Scotland, SQA and School Leaders Scotland, are part of the Forum’s consultation framework.  

The SCHOLAR Forum provides high quality web-based courses and a ‘virtual college’ support network.  Designed to improve student choice and flexibility, it helps students progress between school, college and university.

A number of boards and committees support the work of the Forum outlined in the organisation chart.

Forum Partners Chart

The Forum Partnership Management Board oversees the governance of the partnership in terms of legalities and finance.

The Academic Policy Board is consulted on the academic development of the Forum.  The Board reviews and advises on the Forum Development Plan.

The members of the Advisory Committee are mainly representatives of the Authorities including, from time to time, other key stakeholders.